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Is Jimmer Fredette the Ender Wiggin of College Basketball?

The similarities between Ender Wiggin at the International Fleet Battle School and beyond and BYU basketball star Jimmer Fredette are uncanny. I'm beginning to think they're related or even the same person. Let's take a look:

  • Ender Wiggin's mom is a Mormon. Jimmer Fredette's mom is a Mormon.
  • Ender Wiggin killed Stilson with a kick to the chest and a kick to the groin. Jimmer Fredette killed many team's chances of winning with a crossover dribble and thirty-foot jump shot.
  • Ender Wiggin has done things at Battle School that nobody's ever seen before. Jimmer Fredette has done things on the basketball court nobody's ever seen before.
  • Ender Wiggin has a brother who bullied him, skinned and tortured squirrels, and tried to take over the world. Jimmer Fredette has a brother (T.J.) who forced him to dribble down dark hallways while teammates opened doors to try and steal the ball from him, tortures the rest of the world with his rap music, and wishes to take over the music world.
  • Ender Wiggin's brother gravy trained off Ender's success in war to become leader of the Hegemon. T.J. Fredette has gravy trained off Jimmer's success on the basketball court (although it can be argued that T.J. has played a major role in Jimmer's success where as Peter Wiggin is a complete douchebag).
  • Ender Wiggin broke Bernard's arm while traveling to space camp. Jimmer Fredette has broken several ankles with his crossover.
  • Ender Wiggin destroyed an entire race of aliens. Jimmer Fredette has destroyed the morale of anyone who's tried to defend him.
  • Ender Wiggin was trained by Mazer Rackham, hero of the first Bugger invasion. Jimmer Fredette is coached by Dave Rose, co-captain of the 1983 Houston Cougars who made it to the NCAA finals.
  • Ender Wiggin's biggest enemy was Bonzo de Madrid who ended up dead and naked on the shower floor after picking a fight with Wiggin. Jimmer Fredette's biggest enemy was Tre'von Willis who ended up metaphorically dead after Jimmer lit him up for 39 (I'm a huge UNLV fan so that hurt me to write, but the truth must be told).
  • One of Ender Wiggin's teammates, Petra Arkanian, lost her edge, causing the deaths of several starfighter pilots, and had to be removed from command. One of Jimmer's teammates, Brandon Davies, broke the BYU honor code and had to be removed from the team.
  • Even Ender's most entrenched haters become his admirers. Even Jimmer Fredette's most entrenched haters (me, for example) have become his admirers.
If Jimmer Fredette and Ender Wiggin are truly the same person then be sure to bet your paycheck on the Cougars to win the NCAA title.

(This is the first and last time I ever write something positive about any college team other than UNLV or Ohio State)

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Things That Don't Suck

I must be fair. Here are some things that (surprisingly, in some cases) don't suck.
  1. Watching the Orlando Magic get embarrassed in the NBA playoffs - For a sports team that's never won anything, they sure run their mouths a lot. Dwight Howard shutting his mouth will not suck.
  2. Being a teacher in June, July, and most of August - You probably already knew this. You probably think I'm lucky. I'm actually smart. I knew what I was doing when I chose a career.
  3. The African Acrobats at Circus Circus - This may be the biggest surprise on the list. Circus Circus in Las Vegas has free circus acts, most of which suck. Not this one. The African Acrobats (supposedly from Kenya) are awesome.
  4. Being married - Who would have thought this. Marriage is one of the few milestones in life that does not disappoint. You can throw in having children with things that don't suck too.